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BEAT Education is created and designed by professional visual effects artists with over 15 years experience. We teach from industry-standard software which is available to download for free. Our lessons are all based on current industry working methods and are continually updated to give you the best start in your adventure.


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Start with a simple Minecraft-like character, then increase your skills to build a Marvel-like villain robot. All lessons are taught at industry standards with the same software used on blockbuster films. All created for beginners.


Introduction to Autodesk Maya

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Introduction to 3D Texturing

  • Concept art for 3D Modeling

  • Modeling Characters for games

Tutorials coming in August 2019:

  • Introduction Substance Painter (Industry Texture Painting software)

  • Texturing Characters for games

  • Continual tutorials added


Learn how to make a short movie from start to finish using our 40+ Page BLOCKBUSTER FILMMAKING WORKBOOK guide!

Embraces the 6c's of deeper learning.

  • Story Setup

  • Story structure

  • How to write for comedy

  • Acting Exercises

  • Cinematography

  • Storyboarding

  • Pre-Production

  • How to use a Green Screen

  • How to import and use Visual Effects

  • Post Production Editing

  • Promoting your film

  • Download Cinematography exercise sheets

  • Download Comedy writing exercise sheets

  • Download Visual Effects for your films worth thousands of dollars.

All story lessons are based on professional Blockbuster Movie scriptwriting structures for beginners.


per student per year 

ex GST (Limited time offer)

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