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Interested in video games?

Turn your passion into your dream job!


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Introduction to Video Game Design.

A big part of Game Design is understanding how video games are made and what software is used to create them. 

The Introduction to Game Design is for anyone wanting to learn how characters, environments and props are made for games. We will start with a simple Roblox/Minecraft-like character, then increase your skills to build a more complex robot and then discover how to put the character into a video game.

All lessons are taught at industry standards with the same software used on current games.


This course is aimed at beginners and suits Grades 9+

All software is free for education.

You will learn:

  • 3D Modeling (Maya/Blender)

  • 3D Texturing (Substance Painter)

  • Modelling Characters for games (Maya/Blender)

  • Concept art for 3D Modeling (SketchBook)

  • Unreal Engine for video game making


BEAT Education was created and designed by Richard Pritchard a professional 3D visual effects artist with over 15 years industry experience working on blockbuster movies and video games. 

Lessons are based on current industry working methods and developed with teachers, principals and students to be engaging and aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


All 3D courses can use Educational versions of software and be done in class or online at home.

Interested in Filmmaking?



The PDF contains 180 pages of step by step instructions, production templates,  storyboard/script writing templates and much more! 

Print out the workbook templates for everything you need to make an amazing film!

  • Story Setup

  • Story structure

  • Cinematography

  • Storyboarding

  • Pre-Production

  • How to use a Green Screen

  • How to import and use Visual Effects

  • Post Production Editing

  • BONUS craft puppet

  • Red carpet ideas

Contact us with any questions.