Download and Print this 3D DRAGON ART MASK for Kids.

Do you love dragons? Looking for an exciting project for you, your family or class students? Papercraft is a perfect blend of math construction and creativity.

Looking for adventure? Now you can roam the halls of your home or walk the streets as a majestic dragon! Impress your friends with your new art skills. Give your kids a fantastic project that will make them disappear for hours, let them build as they watch their favourite shows, work together as a family or set it as a classroom project.


This mask completely covers your face and is designed for younger heads.




The 3D Dragon Art Mask blends Papercraft with a therapeutic colouring in design task. This creates a great maths-puzzle, and an art project for anyone wanting to give kids extracurricular or inquiry work.


The final product will be exciting to share in person or online. Guaranteed to get you lots of 'Wow' comments!!


Building the mask is easy and fun, here is what you need:


Materials needed
• A printer and 10 sheets of A4 paper.
• A4 Craft card, 240gsm works best.
• Recycled boxes are a great idea.
• Corrugated Cardboard is not very good because you cannot fold it nicely.
• Double-sided tape
• Fast drying craft glue
• Scissors
• Scoring Stylus (optional) or anything that can make a crease in the cardboard.
• Ruler
• Cutting mat



  • Print the template out 
  • Glue onto card
  • Cut, crease and trim
  • Match the numbers
  • Join the flaps
  • Paint to your heart's content


Print this out as many times as you like for you and your family, but please don't share the Template with others, it took hours of love to create it. Thanks so much.


We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with and this #3ddragonartmask and post it to our Facebook sites. BEAT Education and One Day Studios.


Note: this mask will not fit an adult head.


The designs and files are protected by copyright and are not to be shared or distributed in any way. The templates and completed masks are for personal use only. The masks and templates will not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent. Selling items made from this template is prohibited.