PDF BOOK - Blockbuster Filmmaking Workbook

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Learn how to make a short movie from start to finish using our 180 Page  PDF - BLOCKBUSTER FILMMAKING FOR THE DIGITAL GENERATION WORKBOOK!

It contains a step by step process of the 5 stages of film development, templates for story setup, story structures, storyboarding and all the pre and production sheets you need. 


NOTE: The Complete edition has 140pages more of information than the standard edition that comes with the Filmmaking course.


Print out the templates and use the book to teach you everything you need to make an amazing film!



  • Story Setup

  • Story structure

  • Cinematography

  • Storyboarding

  • Pre-Production

  • How to use a Green Screen

  • How to import and use Visual Effects

  • Post Production Editing

  • Promoting your film


The book is made for beginners and is kid friendly designed for maximum engagement with Grades 5+


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